WineCap - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is WineCap?

WineCap comprises experienced wine and technology professionals, specialising in wine market investments.

2. Why invest in wine?

The ageing process of wine and its increasing rarity over time create a growth cycle that can bolster diversified portfolios.

3. Expected returns?

While returns can vary, our wine collections typically double in value over a decade.

4. What does WineCap do?

We help clients in curating, maintaining, storing, and selling premium wine collections.

5. Is there a minimum investment?

Clients typically start between £5,000 and £25,000 to ensure collection diversity.

6. Do I own the wine?

Absolutely, the wines purchased are solely yours.

7. How long should I hold my wine?

We suggest a minimum of 5 years, with longer periods generally yielding higher returns due to ageing and increasing rarity.

8. What does it cost to sell my wine?

We offer a competitive 5% selling fee.

9. Can I consume or visit my wine?

Yes, arrangements for consumption and visits to your wine at our storage facilities can be made.

10. Where are my wines stored?

All wines are stored in the UK's premier bonded storage network, renowned for its environmentally friendly and secure conditions.

11. What are your storage fees?

We charge £15/case/year for storage and insurance.

12. Is the wine insured?

Yes, our annual storage costs include insurance.

13. Can I choose the storage location?

Absolutely, it's your wine. We can assist with transfers to your existing storage or setting up a private account.

14. Can wines lose value?

As with all investments, wine prices can fluctuate, but significant drops are rare. We mitigate risks by diversifying collections.

15. Payment methods?

Payments can be made in GBP, EURO, or USD, with no geographical constraints for WineCap investors.