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Frequently Asked Questions

Wine Track is a comprehensive fine wine index that enables you to identify investment grade wines, spot trends and wine investment opportunities.

Wine Track indexes multiple vintages of a fine wine to give its historic performance and aggregated wine critics’ score to provide a clearer overview of a wine’s track record.

Our Wine Track score aggregates multiple wine vintages of a wine to create a score out of 100. It unifies more than 100 wine critics’ scores from 12 global publications that use different methodologies and combines them to provide you with the Wine Track score, helping you assess wines on the fine wine market at a glance.

The wine price displayed is the average 12x75cl case price across all vintages. We collect this data daily from leading fine wine market sources.

We source daily wine price data from multiple sources, tracking over 75,000 investment grade wines.

Our price per point is simply the average case price divided by the Wine Track score, creating a clear indicator of relative value to help investing in wine.

Our % timescales represent an accurate interpretation of a wine’s performance based on the available vintage wines that were available as a wine investment at the time.

We track investment grade wines from the most important fine wine regions across the globe, highlighting the most expensive wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Italy and the New World, including the USA. Essentially, some of the most sought-after wines any fine wine investor might consider adding to their wine collection.

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